1899Churchill Escapes Boer Prison
461St. Patrick's Day
1982Argentina Invades Falkland Islands
1973POW Stirm's Return Captured in 'Burst of Joy'
180Commodus Becomes Roman Emperor
1865Civil War: Battle of Bentonville Begins
1985Terry Anderson Taken Hostage
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44Julius Caesar Assassinated
1916Pancho Villa Attacks U.S. in New Mexico
1943World War II: Third Battle of Kharkov Ends
1917Czar Nicholas II Abdicates
1917Russian Czar Nicholas II Abdicates
1935Goebbels Bans 4 Berlin Newspapers
1939German Troops Complete Annexation of Czechoslovakia
1926NASA Launches 1st Liquid-Fueled Rocket
1783Washington Ends Newburgh Conspiracy
1972'The Godfather' Premieres in U.S.
This Day in History: March 15