1925Exploring the Meaning of 'Mein Kampf'
1931Al Capone Imprisoned for Tax Evasion
1767Mason-Dixon Line Drawn
1933Einstein Flees Germany on Red Star Line
1863Grant Named Head of Union Army
17775,000 British Troops Surrender at Saratoga
2003Taipei 101 Becomes World's Tallest Building
191328 Killed When Zeppelin LZ 18 Caught Fire
1851Herman Melville's 'Moby Dick' Published
1901American Missionary in Bulgaria Kidnapped
This Day in History: October 17

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1921Wilson's 'Worst Presidency' Ends
1916Was Henry Farr Really a Coward?
1946Nuremberg War Criminals Hanged
1939HMS Royal Oak Among Ships Sunk at Scapa Flow
1934Long March Shaped China's Future
1862Birth of Cinco de Mayo
1931Al Capone Convicted of Tax Evasion
1917More to Mata Hari Than Being a Spy
1961Algerian Protesters Massacred in Paris
This Day in History: October 16
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