1799George Washington Dies
1812Napoleon Repelled From Russia
1632Battle of Lutzen Bloodiest of 30 Years' War
2000Al Gore Concedes Presidential Election
2000'Texas 7' Prison Break
2012Sandy Hook School Shooting
2012Elementary Students Shot at Sandy Hook
1972Gene Cernan Becomes Last Man on the Moon
1995Bosnia War Ends with Dayton Peace Accord
1911South Pole Discovered
This Day in History: December 13

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1119History of Knights Templar
1941U.S. Seizes SS Normandie
2003How Saddam Hussein Was Caught
1937Exploring Rape of Nanking
1937Japanese Army Unleashes 'Rape of Nanking'
1945End of WW II Meant Freedom and Fear
1519How Mona Lisa Ended Up in France
1977Evansville Basketball Team's Plane Crashes
This Day in History: December 12
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