1976Patty Hearst Released on Bail
1863Gettysburg Address Transformative
1863More to Lincoln Than Gettysburg Address
1945Wisdom From Last Nuremburg Prosecutor Alive
1968Remembering My Lai Massacre
1967Gen. Westmoreland Declares U.S. Winning in Vietnam
19851st Reagan-Gorbachev Summit
1985FBI Arrests Jonathan Pollard for Espionage
1970Son Tay Raid Fails to Extract Vietnam War POWs
1968Farmington Coal Mine Disaster
This Day in History: November 20

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1942Soviets Surround Germans in Battle of Stalingrad
1945Trials Against Nazi War Criminals Begin
1937Japanese Fire on U.S. Ship in China
1989Russia's Cold War Maps
1916Britain's Mistake Was Entering WW I
1975Generalissimo Francisco Franco Dies
1947How NASA Took Over Cape Canaveral
1959How Catholicism Survived Communism, Castro
1978Mass Murder-Suicide at Jonestown
1957Mafia Meeting Changed the Justice System
This Day in History: November 17

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